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Hukuk Fakültesi Kabul Testi – LSAT (The Law School Admission Test) dünyada belirlenen test merkezlerinde dört kez her yıl uygulanan yarım günlük standart bir testtir. Muhtemel hukuk fakültesi adayları için Hukuk Fakültesi Kabul Konseyi – LSAC (Law School Admission Council) tarafından yönetilen, LSAT okuduğunu anlama, mantıksal ve sözel muhakeme yeterliliklerini değerlendirmek için tasarlanmıştır.

Brighter Prep İstanbul LSAT için kapsamlı hazırlık dersleri sunmaktadır. LSAT, ABD ve Kanada’da hukuk fakültelerine kabul almak için zorunlu bir sınavdır.

LSAT, öğrencileri anlama, yorumlama, analitik düşünme ve  mantıksal akıl yürütme yönünden hazırlayan bir sınavdır. Kurslarımızda her bir soru grubu için yeterli miktarda deneme sınavı ve çalışma sorusu verilmektedir.

Brighter prep İstanbul – Türkiye ofislerinde LSAT Kursunu sunmaktadır.


The LSAT includes the following components:

Logical reasoning

The LSAT contains two logical reasoning (“LR”) sections, commonly known as “arguments”, designed to test the taker’s ability to dissect and analyze arguments. LR sections each contain 24–26 questions.

Reading comprehension

The LSAT contains one reading comprehension (“RC”) section consisting of four passages of 400–500 words, and 5–8 questions relating to each passage. Complete sections contain 26–28 questions. Though no real rules govern the content of this section, the passages generally relate to law, arts and humanities, physical sciences, or social sciences. The questions usually ask the examinee to determine the author’s main idea, find specific information in the passage, draw inferences from the text, and/or describe the structure of the passage.

Analytical reasoning

The current LSAT contains one analytical reasoning section, which is referred to colloquially as the “logic games (LG)” section. One section contains four “games” falling into a number of categories including grouping, matching, and ordering of elements. Each LG section has 22–24 questions.

Un-scored Variable section

The current test contains one experimental section which Law Services refers to as the “Variable section”. It is used to test new questions for future exams.

Writing sample

The writing sample appears as the final section of the exam. The writing sample is presented in the form of a decision prompt, which provides the examinee with a problem and two criteria for making a decision.


Group courses consist of 8 core sessions of 3 hours each.

For the convenience of those with busy schedules, all classes are held on weekday evenings.

Class sessions are used to teach concepts and practice some important question types.


Individual Course allows for customization per the needs and requirements of the students. LSAT offers the needful flexibility in terms of the number of sessions, length of each session and the time of the session(s).

Brighter Prep helps students to have a customized class schedule. Students can also opt for LSAT ‘s support to design and finalize the individual sessions/schedule.



Brighter Prep’s hybrid course is very popular with the students. It is not only cost-effective but also provides for flexibility and efficiency of individual sessions.

The Hybrid Course package includes:

    • Group registration and some discounted individual sessions
    • Each student can take as many individual sessions as needful
    • Each student opts for a group registration, along with two, four, or six individual sessions
    • Students who do not need individual sessions can downsize their registration to a basic group registration and avail the refund for the sessions, which they do not use
    • Refunds take a maximum of 2 weekdays to process. There is no processing fee, administrative fee or other hidden costs.

Students leverage on the hybrid course,

    • To attend the group classes for concepts and practice, and subsequently schedule their discounted individual sessions to get individual help on difficult modules/concepts
    • To do their discounted individual sessions first to tackle concepts that are difficult, later move in to the group course

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