Bilgi 2

The Proficiency exam is a multiple choice exam that aims to determine the use of language and reading and writing skills of the student.  The exam serves as a tool to determine both the English level and whether or not the student is eligible to take the BİLET Stage 2 exam.  The exam is made up of 50 multiple choice questions (20 reading and 30 use of language) and two short paragraph writing assignments. 

Students that receive a grade of 45 and above are eligible to take the BİLET Stage 2 exam.


The BİLET Stage 2 exam is an exemption exam that is held over two days and measures reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.  Speaking skills are tested on the first day and the reading, writing, and listening skills on the second day. 

Students receiving a grade of 60 and above from the BİLET Stage 2 exam are eligible to begin their undergraduate studies.  Students that receive a grade below 60 will be placed in the Preparatory Program.  

Which level within the Preparatory Program a student will begin at is determined according to the grade they received from the BİLET Stage 1 exam.  


BİLET Stage 1 has two aims: It tests both the students’ level of English and determines the students who are able to take BİLET Stage 2. It consists of 20 reading questions, 30 grammar questions and two short paragraph writing questions.

Students who receive a grade of 45 or higher (out of 70) from this exam can take the BİLET Stage 2 exam. Also this exam, result determines the level of the student in the Prep Program. The scores and the levels are as follows;

Placement Result Level
0 – 15 Level 1
16 – 27 Level 2
28 – 36 Level 3
37 – 44 Level 4
45 – 70 Level 5

Due to legal reasons, an example of this placement exam is not given here. This exam resembles many internationally given multiple choice placement exams.

BİLET STAGE 2 (Proficiency Exam)

BİLET Stage 2 has four parts; Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. Below you may find the details for each section. Students who receive a grade of 60 or higher from this exam are exempt from the English Preparatory Year and can begin their departmental studies. Students who get a grade lower than 60 from this exam start at their relevant level in the English Preparatory Year according to their results from BİLET Stage 1.